Summer is almost over, but it does not mean you can no longer have a fun day at the beach. The fine sand, the blue waters, and calming sound of the waves – it’s simply difficult to resist a day trip to see the ocean. Spending the day with your kids by the beach is an excellent way to unwind. But carrying a cumbersome and bulky ice chest for your drinks can suck out the fun.

The good news is you no longer have to bring your ice chest because there’s already the innovation that is called cooler bags. They are portable and convenient bags that keep your drink cold the entire time.

But do you really need a cooler bag? Here are five reasons why you should consider getting some printed cooler bags:

1. Passive refrigeration
Cooler bags are also called passive refrigerators because that’s practically what they are. They provide thermostatic regulation without the energy usage, as they function as insulators based on their material. Imagine your beer kept cool after hours of road trip – how awesome, right?

2. They are environment-friendly
Portable ice chests back in the day were made from polystyrene. In case you don’t know, polystyrene is what we know as Styrofoam. The production of this synthetic material produces chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). CFC settles in the stratosphere and destroys the ozone layer. The thinning of the ozone layer permits the sun’s ultraviolet rays to permeate through the atmosphere, exposing us to the harmful UV effects. Polystyrene can also contaminate our water.

With the use of cooler bags, no CFC is produced. We also save tons of plastic bags and other plastic materials.

3. It reduces the risk of content contamination.
Because an insulated bag does not require ice or anything for that matter, contamination is less likely to happen. This is also a reason why breastfeeding moms choose to use an insulated cooler bag to keep their expressed breast milk at a constant temperature.

4. It is functional.
Cooler bags are not only used to keep your beverage cool, but you can also use to keep your food warm. See those pizza delivery bags lined with a shiny foil-like material on the inside? That’s basically how a cooler bag is. You can place take away food to keep them warm as you travel home.

Many cooler bags nowadays also come in different patterns and prints. Thus, it is not only functional, but it looks good, too (especially comparing it to an ice chest). Most cooler bags look like regular bags that you can bring anywhere with you.

5. They are portable.
Cooler bags come in different sizes, and you can use whatever size fits your needs. Regardless of the size, the best thing about cooler bags is that they are very portable. They look just like your regular bag with comfortable shoulder straps and paddings. Most people prefer to have a huge cooler bag for camping and picnic with the family. Truly, they understand the benefits of having a large cooler bag.

Cooler bags are especially handy in today’s age where people are always on the go. Having an insulated cooler bag will keep your drinks cold and your food warm without limiting your activity.